How We Drive Lower Supply Chain Costs


Through predictive analysis and world-class technology, LiVe is able to maintain lower prices with higher quality of services. The solutions we develop for clients are designed to capitalize on market variance based on real-time data from platforms such as Freight Waves, project44, FourKites and more.

Lowest Barrier-to-Entry Costs

LiVe provides solutions on par with the largest logistics companies in the U.S., while still maintaining the customer service of a smaller, personable firm. As our organization grows, we will continue to provide robust technology solutions without hiking prices or charging unnecessary fees.

Optimized Logistics

Our logistics team works closely with clients to understand the needs and goals of a project before analyzing schedule requests to find lower cost solutions. With years of experience in transportation logistics, our employees know the industry inside-out and can assist you in finding efficient, low-cost solutions.