Strategic Values




We believe that long-term relationships are driven by sustainable solutions. Our clients’ loyalty reflects our success, and we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers.


As the intermediary between client and carrier logistics, LiVe works hard to build and retain relationships. Our teams concentrate on finding – and delivering – the best solution for both the carriers and clients.


Our employee happiness and success are central to our philosophy. The culture and company environment are designed to retain long-term associates who play an active role in the leadership of LiVe.


As an organization staffed with industry veterans, we understand the trials and tribulations of transportation logistics. Our SME solutions are designed to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible, with client and carrier processes focused on delivering exemplary, continuous improvement.

In such a fast-paced, competitive climate, innovation is key to our longevity and we take pride in discovering and implementing new strategies for success. Our associates are rewarded for high-performing creativity and critical thinking.


LiVe’s philosophy is to both value and provide value. We never compromise the safety of our employees, and all LiVe associates adhere to the signed LiVe Logistics Safety First pledge to ensure consistent protocols. To prevent spread of viral pathogens, we practice strict safety regulations for both employees and clients.

To provide value to our customers, we coordinate efforts between the client, carrier, and retailer to provide best-in-class solutions backed by leading technological tools that help us anticipate – and resolve – issues that may arise.


Our teams are trained for quick and decisive actions to help control cost while delivering maximum results. Our associates are provided full autonomy to make critical decisions for clients and carriers.

To ensure healthy working relationships between our teams, LiVe maintains open and direct communication between clients, carriers, and facilities, along with our internal employees.

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