LTL Pool Distribution Linehaul Network

Linehaul Network
LiVe Logistics has a pool distribution linehaul network for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments that offers comparable service levels to our tier one full truckload (FTL) vendors in four steps:

  • Focus on service levels
  • Expand capacity
  • Operation as a hub-and-spoke network
  • Expansion into a national linehaul network

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What Is a Pool Distribution Linehaul Network?

A pool distribution linehaul network works this way:

  • Your LTL shipment is picked up by dedicated local trucks and brought to our facility
  • All local LTL shipments are combined into FTL shipments
  • The FTL shipments travel across the country on dedicated lanes to our facility at the end of that lane
  • The FTL shipments are separated back into LTL shipments and delivered over the “last mile” by dedicated local trucks

Current Pool Distribution

The LiVe Logistics hub-and-spoke linehaul network is available in seven key markets that act as gateways to each region:

LiVe Logistics Linehaul Network Map
LiVe Logistics Linehaul Network Map Legend

ORD Hub Linehaul Program

LiVe Logistics has developed Chicago O’Hare (ORD) as our first hub market, leveraging regional providers to connect to secondary markets.

LiVe Logistics ORD Hub Linehaul Program Map
LiVe Logistics ORD Hub Linehaul Program Map Legend

Analytics Tools & Support

Our pool distribution linehaul development program is guided by analytics and closely measured through our use of Power BI tools.

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