End-to-End Freight Visibility

We believe in radical transparency at every level of transportation logistics. Here’s our approach.

Silo Elimination

Our organization communicates across departments to ensure complete understanding between all parties – both internally and externally.

Business Intelligence

Using current facts and historic data, our expert data scientists leverage predictive analytics to perform detailed network analysis, predict market movement bubble opportunities, develop client pricing, and post-load trend analysis.

Active AI

LiVe utilizes AI to predict weather, traffic patterns, and other factors that may impact successful transportation.

Balance Scorecards

Our internal teams use scorecards to define and align common goals with client objectives.

Data Sharing

LiVe clients have access to our business analytics and key insights to improve the client experience, performance, and overall cost.

Best of Breed Technology

LiVe team members use a variety of world-class software to optimize client success. From McLeod to FreightWaves all supported by project44 and FourKites then completed through Epay Manager, LiVe’s arsenal of digital tools is available to all clients. Learn more >

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