About LiVe Logistics

Reduce your supply chain total cost of ownership (TCO) with our freight brokerage services, which include truckload, LTL, intermodal, and warehousing services throughout North America. LiVe Logistics specializes in seasonal and hard to service shipments for the food and beverage (refrigerated, frozen and dry), electronics and paper industries.

LiVe is privately held by industry experts with over 25 years of consumer and retail experience in transportation, warehousing, packaging, solutions, and finance – and the pandemic has proven our 100% remote operating capabilities.

As an independently owned organization, the LiVe team focuses on your input and feedback instead of public shareholders or large private equity groups. Decisions are made by our active ownership team to ensure we meet your needs and lower your TCO while remaining a well-funded with strong, ongoing profitability.

Different by Design

In a heavily transactional market overly focused on increasing fines and penalties, our freight brokerage service is designed to reduce overall supply chain costs by redefining the industry status-quo. Our mission is to provide long-term value for you through an operating model that reduces your TCO and rewards our team members for doing so rather than earning commissions on your shipments.

A Holistic Client Strategy

Our goals center on creating holistic transportation solutions for our clients:

Lower TCO

We go above and beyond to uncover value-added solutions for our clients and provide the lowest overall supply chain cost, including total cost of ownership (TCO).

Health & Safety

The health and safety of your team is our top priority. We promote a safe environment by focusing on injury and virus-prevention during everyday interactions.

World-Class Technology

Our tracking software, capital platforms, and “best of breed” technology solutions provide our clients with a market-leading edge and complete transparency.

IRM Strategy

LiVe’s Logistics Internal Reinvestment Methodology (IRM) mitigates client and company risk, promotes stability and growth, and maintains an attractive investor profile.

3 Pillars of Value


Our team is the single most important asset we have and the driving force behind our growth. We believe empowerment, engagement and leadership leads to continued growth and development. Every person on our team plays a critical role in our client partnerships.


Our clients reap the benefits of our engaged team and their outstanding service and desire to go the extra mile. As a non-asset-based organization, we don’t own the trucks we dispatch nor the freight we haul – we own the environment we create which sets the tone for the relationships we foster.


We strive to create an environment of collaboration and teamwork with our customer and carrier partners. These relationships lead to success in uncovering synergies between transportation networks, and trust that we have our clients’ best interests in mind. Always.

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