How We Work

In the LiVe Logistics ecosystem, business intelligence is the oxygen that gives life to all other services provided. Our company’s philosophy centers around informed decision-making for logistics solutions, client services, and sales.

Here are a few key differentiators of how we work.


Our professional supply chain experts initiate client contact and maintain the commercial relationship.

Client Services

Our dedicated Account Managers (and backup) are the go-to team members for all client daily needs, including but not limited to:

  • Quick replies regarding pickup and delivery status
  • New opportunities or spot quotes
  • Potential issues to manage
LiVe Logistics: How We Work

Logistics Solutions

Our logistics employees coordinate closely with client services, the clients, and the carriers to schedule loads and follow-up regarding delivery status. They are LiVe’s Mission Control, orchestrating a symphony of logistics behind the scenes and ensuring client deliveries run smoothly.

Business Intelligence

Our expert data scientists perform predictive analysis to coordinate efforts between teams, helping to improve the client experience. The LiVe Logistics Pricing Team and our Track & Trace Team make up separate but integral components of the Business Intelligence group.

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