Warehouse Cross-Docking Service

Air Freight Transportation Services
Apart from shipping freight by ground, air and ocean, LiVe Logistics also provides expert cross-docking services that reduce costs by providing an alternative to traditional storage. Having warehouses strategically located throughout North America, LiVe offers deep expertise in goods storage and distribution, helping you lower your time to market and avoid time-consuming and costly warehouse storage, putaway and picking.

  • Freight Unloading: when your load reaches the receiving location, the LiVe Logistics team will carefully unload your freight, consolidating smaller loads and ensuring all of your shipments are properly allocated and sorted
  • Freight Storage: if you need your shipments stored for a certain amount of time, we provide freight storage services with the first 24 hours free
  • Freight Reloading: after unloading and sorting your freight, we transport it to LiVe outbound trucks and then to your consumers
  • Careful Packaging: if your shipment gets undone during the initial transportation, LiVe Logistics will repackage it before sending it to the final destination

Why Use LiVe Logistics for Cross-Docking

  • Reduced Shipping Time: the cross-docking model allows you to ship your freight as soon as it’s been ordered. Once your load reaches our warehouse, we move it promptly and safely from one truck to another
  • Customer Satisfaction: LiVe Logistics strives for the fastest delivery, helping you increase your customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Costs: focusing on delivering cost-efficient solutions, LiVe Logistics shifts the traditional inventory storage cost with more affordable and effective cross-docking services for faster freight delivery

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