Case Study: White Glove Transportation Services for Nutrabolt Energy Drinks

Learn how freight brokerage services of LiVe Logistics help Nutrabolt deliver their energy drinks on time over 99.5% of the time.

As a company that specializes in refining human performance, Nutrabolt prides itself on products that innovate and inspire. Offering a variety of nutritional supplements, pre- and post-workout products, and an energy drink based on pre-workout science, Nutrabolt’s transportation requirements include temperature-controlled trucks, reliable shipments, and a partner that matches their level of excellence.

When Nutrabolt’s logistics manager recently joined the company, he knew just the partner to bring on.

The White Glove Carrier of Choice

The logistics manager had a previous relationship with LiVe Logistics from his former role at Kerry Group, a public food company based in Ireland.

“Where LiVe rose to the front: they were our white glove carrier of choice. They became known within Kerry Group and with our biggest retail customers,” said Nutrabolt’s logistics manager. “LiVe would be requested by the retail customer to run priority loads because of their service.”

Some of his retail customers were so enthusiastic and “verbal in their praise for LiVe Logistics” that they became the exclusive carrier for shipments to store locations across the country. When he worked with Kerry, they had a pool of over 230 carriers, and LiVe was always in their top five performers, meeting – and exceeding – their needs each time.

“LiVe’s team – from ownership down – has been fantastic to work with… so when I came over to Nutrabolt, I brought them over fairly quickly,” added the logistics manager.

Season-Based Services Specific to Nutrabolt’s Needs

LiVe works with Nutrabolt as a freight broker, acting as a carrier across multiple modes. From multi-stop trucks and other traditional modes to temperature-controlled freight and intermodal transportation, LiVe orchestrates a variety of transportation, working extensively with Nutrabolt’s team to ensure products are delivered safely and on-time.

For six months out of the year from October to March, all of Nutrabolt’s beverage shipments must be temperature-controlled to maintain the integrity of the product. LiVe’s team works with the Nutrabolt logistics team to transition smoothly from one mode of transportation to the next throughout the seasons.

99.5%+ On-Time Rates & Consistent Communication

Accuracy, consistency and reliability are currency in the transportation space – and for Nutrabolt, the experience with LiVe’s services has included all three.

“They’re a good partner to work with,” the logistics manager noted. “If they can’t do something or when there’s an issue, they communicate it well.”

LiVe’s team meets – and exceeds – Nutrabolt’s transportation metrics, always providing a 99.5% on-time rate, or above. Another perk, notes the logistics manager, is that LiVe always accepts loads.

“Where LiVe stands out is in their personalized service from the top down of the company,” said the logistics manager. “We’ve had excellent account representation and their communication is really what has stood out to me – and it’s what has allowed me to continue working with them over the years.”

The Right Transportation Partner Across Industries

LiVe Logistics works closely with clients across industries to understand their needs and provide consistent, high-quality transportation services. With 24/7 support, a variety of transportation solutions, best-of-breed technology, and 25+ year client relationships, the LiVe team goes above and beyond to provide secure, reliable, and transparent services.

Nutrabolt is one of many food and beverage clients that LiVe serves, providing year-round solutions for perishable goods. With best-of-breed track and trace technology, our goal is to provide the lowest overall supply chain costs while maintaining a level of excellence.

About Nutrabolt

Nutrabolt is a human performance company that provides nutritional supplements, pre- and post-workout products, and energy drinks to elevate human potential. Their company strives to innovate, inspire, and develop products that maximize human potential accessible to all. Drive by core values of passion, curiosity, and resiliency, and guided by our operating principles, Nutrabolt is committed to the excellence of its products for customers across the globe. Learn more about Nutrabolt:

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