Freight & Trucking Services for Paper & Wood Pulp Products

From bulk to palletized paper products, LiVe Logistics offers holistic transportation services for manufacturers of wood and paper products.

When it comes to paper and wood-pulp products, maintaining merchandise safety requires the right partner for transportation. As floor-loaded products, paper and wood require dry environments, as well as the right equipment for loading and unloading safely.

LiVe Logistics works closely with paper and wood pulp producers to understand the scope of their needs, partner on transportation strategies, and orchestrate the successful delivery of products across the U.S. for the lowest total cost of freight ownership. We employ experienced drivers that utilize up-to-date carriers with the latest equipment suited to handling a variety of paper product transportation.

Transportation by Paper Product Type

Bulk Paper Transportation

LiVe specializes in the transportation of bulk paper products, such as bulk rolls. In standard trailers, we can fit 10 bulk paper rolls that are clamp loaded into the trailer to ensure the integrity of the product.

Palletized Paper Transportation

For finished paper products such as magazines, newspapers, and more, LiVe works closely with distributors to transport products to mail centers, post offices, and other locations.

For more information on wood products, learn about our flatbed and building materials transportation services.

Dry & Secure Transportation Environments for Paper Products

Paper and wood pulp are particularly susceptible to moisture damage. To mitigate this risk, LiVe employs drivers with extensive experience in paper product handling.

All dry vans are less than 10 years old and are properly sealed and ventilated for an optimal environment for transportation. If needed, we can also provide refrigerated trucks.

Multi-Stop Transportation

For the majority of our paper industry clients, multi-stop transportation is necessary to distribute products to a variety of final destinations. We work with clients to map routes and optimize delivery schedules down to the smallest detail.

The LiVe Difference

LiVe has decades of experience transporting a variety of paper and wood pulp products. Whether we’re hauling high-value technology or newspapers, we address each client and delivery with the same dedication and service.

As a freight broker, we work closely with drivers and clients to coordinate transportation strategies and execute deliveries on time. With best-of-breed tracking technology and a team of salaried, industry veterans, our transportation services are seamless and secure.

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