North American Shipping Network

Scroll down to view LiVe Logistics pickup and delivery locations through the US, Canada and Mexico


LiVe Logistics Pickup Locations Map

LiVe Pickup Locations

The LiVe Logistics shipping network helps customers throughout North America.

An overview:

  • 40,000 carriers in the LiVe Network
  • Average Length of Haul: 655 Miles
  • Options throughout North America
  • Live and drop trailer pickup options

LiVe Delivery Locations

  • Plants / production facilities
  • Warehouses / distribution centers
  • Retailers / store direct
  • Sports arenas
  • Schools & parks
  • Homes / inside deliveries
  • Building sites
  • Disaster recovery locations
  • Recycling centers & trash dumps
  • Ports & airports
LiVe Logistics Delivery Locations Map