Expanded Freight Services

Our services go well beyond traditional trucking, warehousing and logistics brokerage:


Scheduling Assistance

The LiVe team acts as a direct extension of your existing operation and can schedule directly with carriers.


Expanded Hours

We provide 24/7 support with representatives available after 5:00 PM during the week and on weekends. And when we say representatives, we mean an actual person, not a 1-800 robot.


Client Access

LiVe is committed to complete transportation transparency. Clients have full web access to track freight, retrieve BOLs and obtain real-time insight.


Increased Visibility

With software such as Project 44, LiVe offers fully integrated track and trace technology to monitor – through either the driver’s cell phone or a GPS unit on the truck – the exact location of shipments.


Non-Traditional Deliveries

LiVe’s team has extensive experience with non-traditional deliveries, including delivering directly to job sites or other “non-loading-dock” consignees.



Compliance is critical in the transportation industry. Our expert teams are compliant with current regulations, including new guidelines such as ELDs, Hours of Service, and more.



Key performance indicators (KPIs) and other core metrics on transportation logistics are readily available. Our team can produce client-specific reporting or scorecards as needed.


Financial Stability

Carriers are fully integrated with LiVe to maintain seamless billing and freight bill audit – from onboarding to monitoring – with over 92,000 transportation provider insurance policies on file.

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