Freight & Trucking Services for High-Value / High-Risk Goods (Electronics)

Theft prevention and the safe passage of high-value consumer electronics are examples of how LiVe Logistics helps decrease freight total cost of ownership (TCO)

For manufacturers and retailers of consumer electronics, the security of high-value freight is paramount as are ontime deliveries. That is why they depend on LiVe to prevent professional criminal activity with state-of-the-art tracking, theft prevention best practices, thorough driver and carrier vetting, and insurance. Discretion and maintaining a low profile are key elements of our success.

Redundant & Covert Tracking

LiVe offers a variety of tracking platforms to mitigate risks of theft, including:

  • Electronic logging device (ELD) including driver cell phones, linked to Project44 and FourKites
  • Both tractor and trailer tracking – we also provide secure tractor / trailer linkages that are unable to separate, which are paired with best-of-breed technology for tracking loads throughout their journey
  • GPS and data monitoring with hidden tracking devices
  • Third-party tracking redundancy to manage and coordinate with customer operations and legal teams, providing quick notifications to LiVe, the customer, carrier, and law enforcement if any criminal activity is detected
  • One-way, covert tracking devices are also available that provide redundant tracking and there’s no need to return the device
  • Highly trained investigators that coordinate investigation efforts with law enforment agencies if theft does occur

Regarding investigators: when there is theft, they gain access to police reports and act as a private extension of the investigation to determine how the thieves gained knowledge of the shipment and who is responsible. No stone is left unturned.

When a theft occurs, the break in the chain is often someone in your supply chain that provides criminals with information about high value loads. These people often function as part of organized crime that specifically targets high value companies, so it’s also likely the issue has been ongoing or just getting started.

Theft Prevention Best Practices

LiVe follows strict regulations for preventing theft while transporting high-value loads.

For example, we require that all drivers travel 200-300 miles out of the pickup facility without stopping immediately after loading, depending on the customer, value and likelihood of theft.

LiVe also requires two drivers that drive in shifts and align times between pick-up and delivery so that your freight is kept moving until delivery. One member of the driver team remains with the cargo and trailers at all times. Only LiVe-approved drop lots can be used if needed, though we discourage their use and tarket keeping the trailer on the move until its final destination.

Enhanced Carrier Vetting

At LiVe, we only work with the best. We have enhanced carrier vetting to add a layer of scrutiny and security to our high-value, high-risk loads.

We maintain an internal three-tier approval process for all high value / high risk carriers.

Our teams perform a search on carriers, including reports on theft, holding trailers, timeliness, equipment, and more. Carrier vetting is updated daily and in real-time based on various reports utilized in our compliance suite.

Freight Insurance

LiVe Logistics can also provide up to $2 million of All-Risk Insurance on a per load basis (not a typo).

The Partner You Need for High-Security Freight

LiVe leads the way for transportation of high-value loads and is also one of the select providers to ship freight through the Best Buy network. We maintain close partnerships with clients and provide industry-leading technology to keep our clients – and their loads – secure at all times.

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