Air Freight Transportation Services

Air Freight Transportation Services
LiVe Logistics provides a full spectrum of quality air freight transportation services, where cargo reaches its destination in a fraction of time. LiVe partners with hundreds of onboard couriers available all over the world and have strong partnerships with leading airlines to deliver shipments fast, safely and efficiently, regardless of origin and destination. LiVe technology offers real-time visibility throughout the life your shipment.

Consistently posting one of the highest on-time performance records through expert freight handling, direct flights, expeditious routing, and minimal hubbing—combined with our OBC, NFO, air charter, and other freight services—have made LiVe Logistics a leader in air freight transportation.

On-Board Courier (OBC)

LiVe Logistics is one of the world’s largest OBC service providers with 500 couriers available globally on a 24/7 basis. LiVe couriers will collect your parcels in a few hours, hand carry them, and deliver them in the world’s major hubs as fast as commercial passenger airlines allow, which is 24 hours (or less) to 1 week to anywhere.


LiVe Logistics regularly performs air charters: the fastest form of air transportation available, over any distance. When cargo needs to travel thousands of miles in just a few hours, this exclusive service delivers the highest priority shipments promptly.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

If you need your freight delivered at the earliest possible date and at reasonable rates, consider our Next Flight Out service. Having established robust partnerships with international airlines, LiVe Logistics guarantees excellent prices for the fastest same-day delivery of time-sensitive cargo.

Other Air Freight Services

  • Same day
  • Counter‐to‐counter
  • Overnight
  • Second day
  • 3‐5 day economy deferred
  • Door‐to‐door
  • Airport‐to‐airport
  • Door‐to‐airport
  • Airport‐to‐door

Why Use LiVe Logistics

Best Rates

Having established long-standing relationships with global airline companies, LiVe Logistics provides the most favorable air shipping rates on the market.


We will exceed your expectations by offering the most cost-effective and time-efficient flight destinations with availability to pick up freight worldwide within a few hours.


With extensive expertise in air transportation worldwide, 24/7 support, and a trusted partner network, LiVe Logistics guarantees the highest quality services.


LiVe Logistics ensures that you can always keep their cargo status and location at your fingertips, providing transparency over your shipment’s journey.

Any Scale

As a customer-first company, LiVe Logistics excels at the entire range of transportation services, helping companies of all sizes ship any type of freight, anywhere.

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