Client Testimonials

Success Story

“Sounds great to me. Thank you Brad! You have been extremely helpful and good to us. Thank you.”

When plans fall through, as they so often do in this industry, LiVe’s team steps up to the plate.

Recently, LiVe was contacted by a potential client whose previous contracted provider could no longer deliver. The request, which came through at 9:00 PM, was for a series of next-day deliveries, including three stop deliveries from North to South Carolina.

With only hours to prepare, LiVe’s team of dedicated industry veterans set to work arranging the transportation. The next morning, however, a second request came through: 27 more deliveries were needed. Only a few hours after that, the client came back with yet another request – an additional 46 same-day and next-day deliveries in Texas. While the task may have seemed daunting to some, the LiVe team lives for a challenge.

All loads required a box truck with lift gates for complicated inside deliveries. LiVe assisted the new client in arranging the logistics, satisfying all 76 of their customers within hours; customers who would have otherwise not received their deliveries.

Despite the last-minute nature of the requests and the lack of front-end visibility, LiVe was able to help a company in need and, in the process, earn a new, loyal client.

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