Strategic Account Structure

Our executive, client services and logistics teams work closely to bring value-added solutions to our clients.

Clients requiring a lot of transportation support receive a dedicated team of executive leadership, account managers, analysts, and client services specialists that will successfully coordinate your shipments, driving down costs and avoiding penalties.

Executive Sponsorship & Client Services

Our executive sponsorship teams oversee strategic account startups, maintain account responsibility, and coordinate business intelligence efforts between sales, client services, and logistic solutions teams.

Our client services specialists focus on delivering the highest level of services, including 24/7 access to a LiVe representative and night and weekend account phone and email access.

Logistics Expertise & Best of Breed Technology

Logistics solutions representatives work closely with carrier teams to understand the network and deliver client value.

At all levels, our team members are supported by best of breed technology that is EDI compliant and offers trailer tracking and push notifications to monitor and manage transportation timelines.

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