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LiVe offers holistic trucking brokerage and logistics services for the fast and reliable shipment of construction and building materials.

When it comes to flatbed shipments of construction materials, LiVe has you covered.

Our team of industry-veteran and hand-picked drivers know the industry inside-out, including the equipment, tarps and tools necessary for dock-less and side-load deliveries. We provide transportation services for a wide variety of construction needs, including shipments of steel, racking, lumber, flooring, sports structures, machinery, and more.

Best-of-Breed Technology & Construction Industry Expertise

Let the team at LiVe handle the logistics and shipment with world-class technology and track-and-trace software that allows you to monitor the entire operation from beginning to end. Our extensive experience combined with time-critical understanding of construction needs allows LiVe’s team to accurately manage the successful shipment and delivery of building materials.

We work as an extension of your team to coordinate and manage your shipments around the clock with 24/7 tracking services and a team that solves problems before they occur.

LiVe’s holistic trucking brokerage service includes:

  • Dedicated Account Management to maintain time schedules and stay one step ahead of problems
  • Custom Transportation Services tailored to your exact construction material needs, including large shipments requiring tarping and heavy machinery
  • Full Visibility of the process from start to finish with our online tracking software that keeps you in the loop

Give Us Your Hardest Loads

If you’re not happy with your transportation service or would like to have a reliable, alternative shipping option, share your hardest loads with us and we’ll provide you with a quote and whatever else you need to take the pain out of your supply chain.

Contact us to learn more about our trucking brokerage services for construction and building materials.

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