High Value Freight Shipment Service

High Value & High Risk Freight Shipment Security

Protect Your High-Value & High-Risk Freight Shipments with an Experienced Load Security Partner

If you need improved security your highest value and highest risk loads in transit, you’ve come to the right place. LiVe Logistics clients, from small business owners to Fortune 500 consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers and more, rely on us to protect their highest at-risk loads from hijacking and inside jobs.

Don’t Let This Happen to You: over $200,000 worth of dimes was stolen from a dry van after the driver left the trailer unattended in a parking lot overnight. For high value, high risk loads, LiVe Logistics can provide two-driver teams, so your trailers never have to stop other than for gas. Optional security details are also available to accompany your loads for added protection.

Multi-Point Security

LiVe Logistics utilizes a multi-point security strategy to protect high-value loads for a wide variety shippers. Our security solutions include options for partial and full escorts, covert tracking, and geofencing – and we continuously evaluate new technology and procedures that provide additional protection.

As part of Live’s ongoing commitment to lowering your freight total cost of ownership (TCO), we offer affordable security measures that often cost 0.5% to 2% of the value of the shipment.

Please note: LiVe does not publicly publish the details of our multi-point security system, as it could compromise the safety of our current shipments by providing potential criminals with a blueprint for thwarting security efforts. We will work with your transportation team to determine the right solution mix, so contact our team to learn how we can help protect your shipments from theft.

Insurance as Additional Protection

Most standard carrier customer agreements cover up to $100,000 in cargo liability insurance, which normally is enough to cover the value of most loads. However, high-value, high-risk can require significantly more coverage, which puts the customer on the hook for the variance if the load is damaged or lost – even if the carrier’s is negligent. LiVe Logistics can provide cargo liability coverage into the millions.

Additionally, LiVe can provide the option of “all risk insurance” to cover load values not covered by your freight insurance should there be losses of any kind (not just carrier negligence) – and we often get better rates than even our largest clients.

Whatever you need, LiVe will work closely with you to determine the right insurance coverage for your high value loads.

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Working with our experienced team decreases your risk for lost or stolen inventory and guarantees that your entire load is properly insured and protected, every time. You may even be able to ship more high-value goods per trailer since we can insure loads into the millions.

Share your biggest shipment security challenges, and we’ll provide you with a quote and whatever else you need to take the pain out of your supply chain.

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