Ocean Freight Transportation Services:
Vietnam Fast Boat

Through our partner, Omni Logistics, LiVe Logistics provides the perfect combination of speed and cost efficiency with our “fast boat” express service from Vietnam as part of our ocean freight transportation service.

Our Vietnam fast boat service consistently delivers the economic advantages of ocean freight with transit times comparable to deferred air freight. Containers are mounted and prioritized for immediate local delivery or transload to points beyond Los Angeles including Mexico.


  • Cost reduction of 65%-80%
  • Implementing even seasonally creates budget flexibility
  • Reduction in cargo damage and less handling
  • Increased visibility

What You Get

  • Two fixed weekly sailings and arrivals
  • Complete visibility
  • Eliminates port, rail and CFS congestion
  • Less handling, rehandling
  • Controlled costs via bonded linehaul for all points beyond Los Angeles
  • Service includes Northern Mexico

Standard Ocean Challenges, Overcome

  • Blank sailings with no notification are slowing shipments by at least a week
  • Cargo arrives port on a Friday and is not released or available until Monday
  • Port dwell times are 3-4 days
  • Rail delays or ramp arrival on the weekend
  • LCL consolidator’s CFS stations take 2-3 days to make cargo available

Standard Air Challenges, Overcome

  • Less expensive or deferred air freight services are consolidated multiple times
  • Deferred air moves as consolidated cargo so the cargo is always repacked
  • Deferred air is often flown to a hub, repacked again then trucked to the final destination

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