Cross-Border Shipping Service
US To & From Mexico

As reported by the New York Times, “During the first 10 months of [2022], Mexico exported $382 billion of goods to the United States, an increase of more than 20% over the same period in 2021, according to U.S. census data. Since 2019, American imports of Mexican goods have swelled by more than one-fourth.”

Through September of 2023, year-over-year shipments through the Port of Los Angeles were down 19%.

This is an acceleration of a trend where American investors are putting more money into Mexico—buying companies and financing projects—than into China, according to an analysis by the McKinsey Global Institute.

As more and more manufacturing moves out of Asia and into Mexico as part of “near-shoring,” demand for cross-border shipping into the US has increased – and so have the risks of theft and truck hijacking (142 in April 2023 alone).

Cross-Border Shipping Options

While most carriers only have one Mexico shipping option, LiVe Logistics partners with carriers that are licensed to operate in both the US and Mexico has developed multiple cross-border options for getting your freight to and from anywhere in Mexico (more than just to and from the maquiladoras) – quickly, cost-effectively and securely. Below are your options:


LiVe’s expedited trucking service eliminates transloading and is your fastest option for shipments to the US from Mexico.

LiVe will can pick up your freight on a special trailer with dual plates and clear it with US Customs at one of several airports in Mexico. As part of the clearance, US Customs will seal and lock the shipment so no one can access your freight while in transit.

Once your shipment crosses the border, US Customs will verify that no one has accessed your freight and remove the locks and you don’t have to wait in line for an inspection. After a short stop, your freight will continue to its destination.

The best part: your freight stays on one truck from origin to destination even for LTL shipments. The risk of damage and loss is much higher if you have to use multiple carriers in Mexico and the US (long haul and local), which also causes delays. Recent market data suggests up to 40% of all freight passing through Juarez is short (stolen).

Single-Serve Cross-Border

LiVe partners with dual-plate operators who have the ability to operate in both the USA and Mexico and can pass through any border crossing. This reduces a leg of transportation from the shipment, decreases risk, improves transit time, and reduces damage. Our customers also have the benefit of being supported by both Mexico-based and US-based teams to coordinate local transport, resulting in a seamless experience.

Enhanced Mexico Access

LiVe can handle freight to and from Mexico’s northern industrial corridor that runs along the US-Mexico border and is popular with automotive suppliers and high-tech manufacturers. We can also move shipments to and from the growing manufacturing area near Mexico City. We can pass through any border crossing and make the pick-up and delivery in the US or Mexico.

Traditional Cross-Border

Your shipments will be transloaded at the US border from a Mexican carrier to a US carrier, clear customs, and are on their way. This is the most common type of cross-border shipping. The downside: transloading creates a shipping delay.

Ocean Freight

Simply put, LiVe can truck your shipments to the nearest port, load them onto a shipping container, and ship them to US ports. More >

Air Freight

LiVe has a full-service air freight division that is ready to ship your most time-sensitive shipments between Mexico and the US. More >

Mexico Freight Insurance

Insurance levels can be different so it’s important to pay attention to insurance requirements and availability in Mexico.

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Wherever your pick-up or delivery locations are in Mexico, speak with LiVe Logistics agent who will help you identify the right shipping, insurance and security solution for your shipments and get you a quote. We also ship to and from Canada.

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