The Difference Between a Freight Partner vs. Vendor

Freight Broker Partner vs. Vendor

While many organizations choose their 3PL based on price, many vendors lure you in with low prices but are unreliable or turn down your freight.

Does your primary take 75-100% of contracted of your freight or do you have to keep running through the waterfall and onto the spot market?

Can you count on your primary to pick up and deliver your shipments on time, avoiding retailer fines?

Does your primary proactively communicate with you on your shipments when there are challenges, get you whatever kind of truck you need, and do they find ways to reduce your cost of freight?

If not, you’re probably working with a freight vendor instead of a partner that always works with your best interests in mind. Partnerships, rather than “vendorships,” focus on collaboration, a deep expertise with your shipments, and transparency that will streamline your supply chain and boost your ROI.

Maximize ROI with a Partner Who Knows Your Industry

Vendors sell, but true partners solve and prevent problems. Here’s what sets apart a freight partnership from a vendorship:

Close Communication

Supply chain disruptions often happen as a result of miscommunication, so a freight partner will work closely with you to overcome obstacles while maintaining delivery timelines – with you informed every step of the way. The right partner will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Did you know that scheduling your freight 1-2 days earlier than you do now could significantly lower your freight costs?

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

TCO of freight includes the costs related to the transportation of products in your supply chain. If you’re using a freight vendor, these costs can add up quickly. Involving both direct and indirect costs of shipping goods, the TCO of freight provides a cost basis for determining the value of services.

A freight partner will help drive your TCO down and here are seven ways they do it.

Corporate Experience with Family Business Quality

To get your freight right, you need experienced professionals, with honed processes that harness best-of-breed technology.

Consider Live as Your Freight Partner

At LiVe Logistics, our dedicated client services team is available around the clock for your logistics and freight needs. Give us your hardest loads so we can show you what we can do – the ones that drive you crazy and keep you up at night. Any asset-based 3PL or trucking broker can cherry pick and handle the easiest lanes well. Our industry-veterans become an extension of your team.

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