Month: April 2021

The Difference Between a Freight Partner vs. Vendor

While many organizations choose their 3PL based on price, many vendors lure you in with low prices but are unreliable or turn down your freight. Does your primary take 75-100% of contracted of your freight or do you have to keep running through the waterfall and onto the spot market?… Read More
Freight Broker Partner vs. Vendor

7 Ways to Drive Down TCO & Win the Game of Freight

2023 Update: Now There Are Even More Ways to Lower Freight TCO – View all 14 Ways Here and Download the PDF From predictive analytics to non-commissioned reps, these are the top ways to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring real-time communication and more on-time deliveries. TCO… Read More

Celebrating 5 Years, A Gazillion Miles & Many Promises Kept

At LiVe Logistics, we’re celebrating miles and miles and miles in business this month, but it’s easier to tell you it’s our 5th anniversary. No matter how you measure it, that’s something worth celebrating. Measured against the likelihood of any business reaching the five-year mark – and throw in a… Read More