How to Ensure On-Time Freight Deliveries in Q4

As Q3 comes to a close, time is running out to prepare for Q4, avoid supply chain disruptions, truck driver shortages, COVID-19 issues, and more.

Freight planning throughout the year helps to streamline your logistics, strategize potential obstacles that may arise, and mitigate risks of late deliveries, fees and more.

Unless you want to pay top dollar for all of your Q4 shipments and face increased risk of late deliveries, planning for the remainder of the year is a critical step for closing out the calendar year strong. Labor Day is often a benchmark for many companies to have their Q4 plans in place, which means now is the time to break out your Excel spreadsheets and get to work – and a conversation with the freight experts at LiVe Logistics is the fastest, easiest way for you to get this done.

 Turbulent Times Call for Strategic Planning

The past year and a half have been challenging across the globe: the pandemic, economic instability, inclement weather, and more have all tested supply chains and the adaptability of freight services. Planning your fourth quarter is the best way to avoid new and existing problems before they delay your shipments and blow out your transportation budget.

A recent article on economic trends in Trucks, Parts, Service, highlights the volatility of the market in uncertain times, but notes the strong demand and continued strength in freight activity that is likely to be seen through the end of 2021 and into the next year.

“It is often said that freight is not a backlog business. Low inventories and stacked-up ports make this period an exception to that rule,” notes a Senior Analyst at Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research.

High Volume & Increased Freight Prices Expected for Q4

Many will experience high volume in Q4 because of the holiday season and heightened demand for seemingly everything. Getting ahead of this increase—and subsequent freight pricing increases—means planning ahead.

With so much uncertainty, some companies may be hesitant to plan for Q4 in detail but, even if you aren’t confident in where your volume is going, getting a head start on planning your shipments early is the best way to avoid price spikes and shipment delays.

It’s also important to think through temporary labor and equipment – including temp labor, pallets (GMA white wood and pooled pallets), pallet/LPN labels, machine wrap, hand wrap, forklifts, pallet jacks, safety stock, and more – that will be needed to meet Q4 demands.

Are You Ready?

If you haven’t created a solid Q4 freight plan, the team at LiVe can help you create a flexible strategy that fits your needs.

Our team of logistics industry veterans have worked closely with clients over the past year to navigate weather challenges, pandemic-related obstacles, and more. And with industry-leading technology and cloud-based tracking tools, your freight data is just a click away.

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