In the Dark About Freight Shipment Timing & Costs? You Shouldn’t Be.

Freight Tracking System

At a recent Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) conference, we were struck by how disconnected supplier and reseller communications are. Many just don’t see a path to connecting the dots primarily because their carriers and/or brokers don’t provide this for them.

This freight status quo has been accepted for a long time because carriers and brokers use one system that has significant limitations (no one system can do it all) or they use systems that don’t work well together. More egregiously, there hasn’t been a willingness to change because of a lack of understanding beyond their own capabilities.

There is a better way to manage your freight shipments, thanks to better access to data in real-time.

Aggregating Freight Data

LiVe Logistics uses several different systems to monitor your freight regardless of the carrier and how many are being used, which includes FourKites and project44 supply chain visibility software. We also use electronic logging devices (ELD), mobile phone tracking, driver texts, and even more for high value (high risk) shipments. There are many different systems, and we use them all.

We condense information from various systems so that we can communicate all freight data to you in whatever way is needed, when you need it, across all modes (truck, rail, ocean, air). As a result, you:

  • Have a predicted estimated time of arrival for every shipment
  • Always know where your shipments are on a 24/7 basis, especially if they need to be rerouted to avoid potential delays
  • Are alerted to shipping issues so you can communicate them to your customers and mitigate their impact before they turn into bigger problems
  • Know when your shipments are delivered
  • Know your costs and get recommendations for reducing them

For LiVe Logistics, providing freight data to you is easy because we are committed to clearly communicating the status and costs of your freight, so you get maximum on-time deliveries for minimum costs.

Freight Scorecards

Based on your aggregated data, we create scorecards that provide you and your team updated on freight key performance indicators (KPI) over time, which can be customized however you need to include:

  • KPIs
  • Rolling Trends
  • Modes
  • Delivery Type
  • Financial Details

Stop Being in the Dark

You don’t have to tolerate being left in the dark about shipment timing and freight costs. Speak to one of our freight experts today to start seeing the light.

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