LiVe Logistics Recertified as a SmartWay Partner by the EPA

LiVe Logistics has renewed its SmartWay Certification, a program developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor and advance supply chain sustainability.

Over the past two decades, national freight activity grew by over 50%, posing a threat to environmental health from C02 emissions. According to the EPA, global freight transport emissions may surpass those from passenger vehicles by 2050. However, over 60 tractors on the road today emit the same emissions as 1 did 35 years ago, so a lot of progress has been made.

To mitigate the effects of these emissions, the EPA developed the SmartWay program to improve supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking and improving freight transportation efficiency.

LiVe Logistics is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations, and the SmartWay certification is just one way we work toward greener, more sustainable transportation practices.

SmartWay Brings Supply Chain Sustainability to Freight Logistics

The EPA maintains a list of SmartWay-approved carriers to help companies make green choices for their supply chain. As a SmartWay partner, LiVe reports tonnage, mileage, and other metrics to the EPA to monitor exactly what – and how much – freight was shipped.

The SmartWay certification’s goal is to maintain a balance of freight: not shipping too heavy or too light but staying within a band of tons-per-mile. At the end of the year, the SmartWay program evaluates a carrier’s total tons-per-mile.

At LiVe Logistics, we work with many carriers that are SmartWay approved, providing services to environmentally conscious clients looking to reduce the climate impact of their transportation.

How Does the SmartWay Certification Work?

The EPA’s SmartWay Certification program works with shippers, carriers, and logistics companies to establish a standard of green practices across the transportation industry. While voluntary, the program seeks to engage and unite industry partners in evaluating the efficiency of their freight to minimize emissions.

SmartWay focuses on freight and fuel efficiency, monitoring things like tonnage and mileage to calculate the environmental footprint of each load. The EPA’s emissions calculating tools are considered the “gold standard” of sustainability accounting for freight transportation. As a SmartWay partner, LiVe ensures that your shipments – and tracking metrics – are on par with industry best practices.

In addition to measuring and monitoring freight efficiency, the SmartWay program benchmarks by industry to help companies understand their environmental footprint compared to industry peers. Through a combination of freight tracking and load optimization, companies can reduce the carbon footprint of their operations, leading to a greener – and more sustainable – supply chain.

Choose a Planet-Focused Provider

LiVe believes in continuous improvement at both the organizational and industry-wide levels. As a freight brokerage company, we go the extra mile to ensure our services are up to EPA standards and meet the sustainability expectations of our clients.

Our recertification as a SmartWay partner highlights our commitment to sustainable supply chains and greener transportation practices. We work closely with you to provide best-of-breed technology for tracking your shipments, driving down your total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as minimizing their environmental impact.

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