Technology’s Role in Freight Compliance & Visibility

Technology helps reduce the risk of lawsuits and knowing where your shipments are at all times

A successful shipment is more than moving a product from point A to point B. It starts with using reliable drivers with the best safety records and lack of infractions as well as having visibility into load status so you know when shipments will be delivered on time and, if they are delayed, help you develop back-up plans.

How to Ensure Shipment Compliance & Keep Control of Your Freight

On the surface, some carriers and drivers may have good safety scores but may actually bring risks that could increase the risk of breakdowns, delayed shipments, and lawsuits.

At LiVe, we do more than just look at carrier and driver safety scores – we conduct a “deep dive” across multiple driver information platforms to better understand their track records. We examine:

  • Actual infractions: drug possession, driving under the influence, etc.
  • Poor (or a lack of) maintenance records or brake inspections
  • Lack of weight inspections on cross-country shipments
  • Co-loading product without approval
  • Double-brokering shipments to other carriers without approval

Pulling back the curtain is a necessary risk mitigation strategy for our clients, regardless of the size or value of their load.

For shippers, the risk goes beyond a damaged product: if an accident or fatality occurs because of the driver and you haven’t done your due diligence, you could face liability regardless of what clauses and indemnifications are in place. LiVe Logistics documents this due diligence on every load that will stand up in court should a major event occur.

LiVe regularly denies carriers to maintain one of the toughest (and safest) pool of carriers in the industry. Because things change over time, those who meet our strict requirements are subject to ongoing evaluations of their compliance, safety and reliability. When a carrier scores below an acceptable level, our system automatically puts a hold them for all future shipments until additional evaluation.

Visibility in Transportation: Following Your Product’s Journey

Knowing who is shipping your product is equally as important as knowing where your shipments are.

Nowadays, we all expect a high level of visibility with personal shipments: Amazon allows you to track, down to the number of stops, how far away your driver is from your home. For commercial shipments, the expectation of visibility is the same – and for good reason. Knowing the exact location of your load holds your transportation partners and carriers to a higher level of transparency and excellence.

LiVe uses two primary transportation systems – Project 44 and MacroPoint – to provide our clients with the tracking capabilities they require for loads. As an experienced transportation partner, we go above and beyond industry standards to provide the highest level of customer service, transparency, and communication. Currently, 81% of all loads are tracked via the driver’s electronic logging device (ELD) and/or cell phone tracking, allowing you to know – in real time – where your shipment is. In the case of delays, our 24/7 tracking team communicates it proactively to you so adjustments can be made.

Additional Protection & Visibility for High Value Shipments

For high value shipments – including our Fortune 500 customers – LiVe can provide full and partial escorts, and insurance to cover the full value of the load (100% up to $5+ million). LiVe also uses covert tracking devices with other supplemental tracking technology to maintain visibility of the load.

A Transportation Partner that Protects Your Shipments

Our best-of-breed technology and end-to-end freight visibility provide our customers with peace of mind, while our carrier standards reduce shipment risks. With decades of experience assisting customers with transportation and supply chain services, the LiVe Logistics team understands the challenges and risks of moving freight.

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