The Technology Driving a Winning Strategy in Trucking Brokerage

Best-of-breed technology, including Epay web-based invoice and payment system, has been a key to the success of LiVe Logistics

Recent economic uncertainties have required many businesses to develop strategies for navigating a transportation industry riddled with unexpected obstacles, as Thomas Whaley, President, Level One Technologies, Inc notes in his recent FreightWaves article.

“This is an important point to consider,” writes Whaley, “according to Bloomberg News, 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within 18 months of being created. And there are other reports, that show 96% of all new businesses fail within 10 years of their formation.

“Based on these statistics, the survival rate of opening a new business today, is the equivalent of being the only survivor, in the annual ‘fight to the death’ ritual, depicted in the movie titled the Hunger Games.”

The solution? A strategic blend of strategy and technology. But, as Whaley explains, it’s easy to understand why inexperienced business owners fail, particularly when competing with industry veterans.

Software that Enables Vertical Integration

Whaley’s organization, Level One Technologies, adopted an evolutionary business process in 1999 with the vision of developing strategic software for the transportation industry. Two decades on, Level One Technologies offers the industry’s most robust, web-based platform for invoice presentment and payment systems, called Epay Manager.

As a long-time user of Epay, LiVe’s team can attest to its robust functionality, accuracy and speed. One of Epay’s key benefits for brokers includes functional features and integrations, stored in a library of custom code available to brokers free of charge.

Since using Epay, LiVe Logistics has grown every year, earning reputation of being one of Epay’s fastest growing and most successful brokers. To Adam Wakefield, one of LiVe’s owners, Epay’s integrations are a major advantage.

“We wanted to build a team to support operations. But to do that, we needed to find software that could vertically integrate with all of our systems,” said Wakefield. “Our decision to use Epay was favorably influenced by Epay’s reputation for being scalable.”

From robust integration capabilities to hands-on customer service, Epay brings a wealth of tools and benefits to LiVe’s suite of best-of-breed technology – and also helps LiVe Logistics pay drivers faster than many other trucking brokers and carriers.

Scale with Technology & A Freight Partner

At LiVe Logistics, we pride ourselves on the technology we use internally and for clients. With 24/7 tracking capabilities, supply chain logistics software, and teams working around the clock to ensure your shipments are delivered on time, we are committed to providing the highest quality services for the lowest freight total cost of ownership.

Epay’s powerful invoice platform is just one example of the technology that keeps LiVe’s team working efficiently. Read the full article on FreightWaves to learn more about Epay or contact us below to learn how LiVe’s team can help your organization.

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