Webinar: How to Maintain an Efficient Back-Office During Growth


Join our upcoming webinar to learn how you can balance efficiency with growth to avoid the costs of growing pains

Periods of fast growth are challenging but – if managed well – incredibly profitable. Many looking to grow their business are typically focused on growing profits and maintaining a steady stream of revenue to their organization. However, balancing efficiency and strategy with the growing pains of fast expansion can be a difficult task.

In our upcoming webinar on January 27, LiVe Logistics joins the FreightWaves and Level One Technologies teams to discuss maintaining back-office efficiency during these periods of significant growth.

Utilizing Technology to Mitigate Growing Pains & Increase Profits

Technology is a critical step in managing a back office but, for those looking to expand their businesses, having the right technology matters even more. Many still use traditional processing methods that are not only costly but time-consuming.

Implementing software to automate the back office can alleviate these growing pains while providing an economical solution that expedites tedious tasks. From accounts payable to document imaging, A/R activities, and more, the right technology can reduce back-office activities and costs.

Adam Wakefield and Tim Sullivan from the LiVe Logistics team will join webinar host Jason Kirkpatrick of Level One Technologies during the upcoming webinar. With a team of industry veterans, LiVe Logistics understands the industry from the inside out – often working closely with clients to problem-solve obstacles they encounter.

During the webinar, we will discuss cost-reduction strategies, including LiVe’s online billing system, Epay Manager, as well as the lessons we learned during the evaluation, decision-making, and implementation process of this software. The webinar will also cover the current driver and truck shortages impact the US, and how software such as Epay has assisted organizations in attracting and retaining carriers.

Webinar Recording

The FreightWaves and Level One Technologies and LiVe Logistics teamed up to conduct an hour-long webinar on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

View the webinar recording here to learn about managing periods of fast growth.

About LiVe Logistics

Our has decades of experience offering a variety of freight brokerage services including:

  • Full truckload (FTL)
  • Less than truckload (LTL)
  • Shared truckload (STL)
  • Multi-stop deliveries
  • Rail yard drayage
  • Warehousing

LiVe Logistics also moves freight on a variety of equipment:

  • Dry vans with VR option to reduce costs
  • Refrigerated “reefer” vans
  • Drop trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Sprinter vans
  • Flatbeds (including conestoga, RGN and step-deck)
  • Rail intermodal

Additionally, we offer a suite of best-of-breed technology to enhance the visibility of our clients into their entire supply chains – from start to finish. With 24/7 tracking capabilities and remote teams spread across time zones, LiVe can help maintain the timeliness and safety of your freight.

Join the webinar this coming Thursday or contact us through the link below to learn more about our trucking and transportation services.

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